Chris Tanner, Registered Manager


Our team is headed by Chris Tanner.

Chris has almost a decade of experience in the domiciliary care sector and jumped at the chance to head up this new project.


“I started in the sector with a small private homecare provider that had a wonderful ethos of going the extra mile for our clients and staff, and saw first-hand the difference that makes to everybody’s wellbeing. 

However, over the years I have also worked for larger corporate providers and in the not-for-profit sector, and have seen the consequences of commodifying care and the well-publicised funding crisis in health and social care. 

But what really struck me was the fact that everybody seemed to be “doing care” in the same way – the same structures, same processes, same approaches – only with less resources. This inevitably leads to cost-cutting measures that are only detrimental to the quality of care being delivered, and in turn, the quality-of-life for clients, their carers and staff. 

I have been “banging the drum” for a community-based, client-led model for some time, so when the opportunity arose with a like-minded group of people in an organisation that clearly puts people and community at the heart of its ethics, I jumped at the chance! 

I am grateful to have the support of such an organisation to do care differently, and to do it better. I am positive that See the Person will demonstrate that high-quality care, delivered by well-trained and supported teams embedded in local communities will make a real difference to people’s lives, and that before long it will re-shape the homecare sector in the UK.”


Chris supports a small team of Support Co-ordinators who share our passion and drive to do this right. Our support coordinators are mainly local carers who have joined us to prove that homecare can be done better. 

He’d love to share his passion for doing home care differently with you/and or your loved one, and to find out more about how we can help you. 

Drop Chris a line for an informal chat.