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Complex Care and Physical Disability

People living with complex health conditions or a physical disability still want, and are entirely entitled, to live as independently as possible, where they are able to exercise choice and control over their daily life and enjoy a sense of wellbeing, self-worth, important relationships and to make a meaningful contribution.

If you are living with a physical impairment, an acquired brain or spinal injury, or condition such as Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease, your dedicated team of experienced, well-trained staff understand that your condition does not define you and will get to know the real person, you relationships, your hopes and wishes, your dislikes and fears, your favourite TV show and guilty pleasures!

Of course, they will have the skills and training to support you to manage your condition and keep you safe, but getting to know you and your story will allow them to develop a service that recognises and prioritises your actual life.