Meet the See the Person Team

See the Person employ staff who have the right values and skills and are doing this job for the right reasons. We currently have local neighbourhood teams growing across South Yorkshire, and on this page you can get to know a few of them a bit better.

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Hello, my name is Nichola.

I currently work as a Support Coordinator for See The Person. I have worked within different care settings for the past 20 years, ranging from residential care, homecare and neurological rehabilitation.


I am also a parent and a carer for my son who has very complex needs. This has taught me that the key to good care is to treat someone how you would expect to be treated yourself, or how you would expect a family member to be treated. Also, to understand that no two people with the same condition are identical, and each person should be treated as an individual.

Having my son with such complex needs enables me to see care as a family member, therefore it is important to me that every client should be treated with compassion, empathy and inclusion. It has also taught me valuable skills in how better to communicate with someone who has a sensory impairment.

I always found that care workers couldn’t make the time to sit down with a client – not even for a simple chat about their lives – as work was so overstretched with so little resources.

In homecare specifically, I have found the lack of communication between support workers and care coordinators to be a huge issue, and that clients’ care plans were very rarely kept up to date. If there were any issues the front line staff were powerless to do anything and always had to refer back to the care coordinators, and sometimes I felt as though they were putting profit before client care.

I think that See the Person is different, as it allows support workers the time to get to know and see the person as an individual. We aim to take the time to support as much independence as possible. We will keep care plans updated daily, as situations do often change. There will also be the option to take clients out into the community and to carry on with the hobbies they love.


It is imperative that we go above and beyond and this is what I would like to see change within the social care system as a whole.


My ultimate aspiration is to go on to become an adult nurse which will allow me to have more in-depth knowledge and understanding as there is still so much to learn.