Whether just for a couple of hours or for several days, our Home-From-Hospital service can support you to get back to familiar surroundings and support networks such as family and friends.  Let us know when you are going to return and we will be there to support you to settle in, ensure that you have provisions in the house such as bread, milk etc, ensure your house is clean and safe (particularly if you have been away for quite a while) and support you to deal with any correspondence or personal matters that need your attention.

We will also liaise with family and friends as well as community and professional networks such as your GP, district nurses and social prescribing to ensure that everyone is aware that you are home, what medication, dressings or exercises you may have been prescribed and that you are fully supported to recover as quickly as possible.  If you need us for a little longer, we will implement a mini-Care Plan and ensure details are communicated to ongoing care providers for a seamless transition back into your normal routine.