Dementia Care

A diagnosis of dementia has a profound effect on an individual as well those close to them and unfortunately that traditional “time-and-task” model of homecare does not lend itself to effective dementia care.  We believe that dementia is only a small part of someone’s life and that seeing the whole person. Knowing the person behind the dementia is about ‘personhood’ - the importance of the unique identity of the person.

It is important to understand how people with dementia see themselves and their surroundings because this can influence how they manage their condition, how they relate to others and how they might respond to different kinds of services and support.  By building trusting relationships and rapport with clients, your team are able to identify changes in mood, wellbeing, health and better support you in accessing and responding to additional services and support.

Small, local See the Person teams working closely with our clients in this way means that we are able to deliver truly Person-Centred care – i.e. care that is tailored around an individual’s needs and preferences, values, beliefs, life history and other things that are important to a person.