“I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, that’s what attracted me to See the Person…”

Last month, See the Person held their first staff evaluation session to find out how this new domiciliary care model inspires staff, what they’ve learnt so far and what difference it’s made in both their own and their client’s lives.

I work for South Yorkshire Housing Association as the Business Growth Officer and went along to the session – I was blown away by the positive feedback given by staff.

I’d heard of the problems of working for home care services over the years, and after speaking to one of the new Support Coordinator’s about her previous experiences these impressions I had were reinforced. She told me that she was just about to give up working in care but had come across the See the Person job advertisement – and just had to apply. This made me feel incredibly proud of the service.

Throughout the session, we've received some heart-warming responses:

  • “When we lost a client, it affected us all even though we only worked with him for a week - we all took to him. His wife invited us to the funeral and said she really appreciated the support we gave her.”

  • “I wanted to make a difference in people's lives, that's what attracted me to the service."  

  • “I can't fault the service, I would give them top marks."

All the staff started together in January and have not only developed some fantastic friendships but supported each other on both the great and sometimes difficult days.

One team member explained they are starting a new type of care company together - together being the key word here. I was amazed by their dedication to See the Person, and this just shows that not only is the model fantastic for clients, but it’s also created a community for the staff.

The staff told me that the self-managed team gives them more flexibility. They feel like they have more time with their clients meaning they’re able to build better relationships.

A big thing about See the Person is giving staff more responsibility to allow them to provide a continuity of service to their clients. This means they can report things directly to the appropriate people, are kept in the loop about outcomes and it speeds up the service for the client. Our Support Coordinators are always fully informed of the care requirements so they can provide the highest standard of home care.

It’s clear that the See the Person model attracts staff. But does it work in practice? Well, if the feedback from the session is anything – then yes!

One anecdote that stayed me from the day - “It doesn’t feel like going to work, I wake up with a smile on my face” – need I say more?

For more information or if you want to get involved in See the Person call 0114 270 2558 .

Samuel Palmer, Business Growth Officer

Emma Ward