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About us

See the Person is a different kind of home care for Sheffield and the surrounding areas. We invest where it matters. We take the time to get to know you and what matters to you. We won’t watch the clock and we don’t stop when we leave your door.


Who are we?

See the Person is part of South Yorkshire Housing Association. SYHA is an award winning not-for-profit organisation passionate about housing and supporting people to live well, settle at home and realise their potential. 

A Sunday Times Best 100 Not-for-Profit organisation to work for and IiP Gold standard, we are a forward thinking, innovative and ambitious organisation, who genuinely invest in our people. We want to bring the same principles and passion to domiciliary care. 

We currently own and manage over 6000 properties, support over 1600 vulnerable customers in care and supported housing projects and employ over 600 people. 

See the Person is part of SYHA Enterprises which host our commercial enterprises that strive to have positive impact as well as generate revenue for the organisation so that we can support more people.

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Why did we set up?  


See the Person was born out of South Yorkshire Housing Association’s belief that homecare could and should be done better. 

We believe that if you invest where it matters - in time, staff and seeing the whole person - everyone benefits.


Chris Tanner, Registered Manager


Our team is headed by Chris Tanner.

Chris has almost a decade of experience in the domiciliary care sector and jumped at the chance to head up this new project.


“I started in the sector with a small private homecare provider that had a wonderful ethos of going the extra mile for our clients and staff, and saw first-hand the difference that makes to everybody’s wellbeing. 

However, over the years I have also worked for larger corporate providers and in the not-for-profit sector, and have seen the consequences of commodifying care and the well-publicised funding crisis in health and social care. 

But what really struck me was the fact that everybody seemed to be “doing care” in the same way – the same structures, same processes, same approaches – only with less resources. This inevitably leads to cost-cutting measures that are only detrimental to the quality of care being delivered, and in turn, the quality-of-life for clients, their carers and staff. 

I have been “banging the drum” for a community-based, client-led model for some time, so when the opportunity arose with a like-minded group of people in an organisation that clearly puts people and community at the heart of its ethics, I jumped at the chance! 

I am grateful to have the support of such an organisation to do care differently, and to do it better. I am positive that See the Person will demonstrate that high-quality care, delivered by well-trained and supported teams embedded in local communities will make a real difference to people’s lives, and that before long it will re-shape the homecare sector in the UK.”


Chris supports a small team of Support Co-ordinators who share our passion and drive to do this right. Our support coordinators are mainly local carers who have joined us to prove that homecare can be done better. 

He’d love to share his passion for doing home care differently with you/and or your loved one, and to find out more about how we can help you. 

Drop Chris a line for an informal chat.

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How are we different?

Our vision is to deliver an exceptional home care service that invests in staff, clients, families and their communities, and that proves that when you do things differently, everyone benefits.  

Our Values

  • We see, value and invest in the whole of a person’s life.

  • We invest in trusting relationships with staff, clients, their families and communities.

  • We are ethical and led by our values because it’s the right thing to do.

  • We relish doing things differently and taking innovative approaches that prove quality care can be done sustainably.

  • We invest in unleashing and harnessing people’s inner resources and resilience.

  • We have honest conversations, learn from our mistakes and adapt.

  • We believe human connection, kindness and fun is integral to quality care.

Where do we operate?

We currently operate throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas, including Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley.


Word on the street

South Yorkshire Housing Association and See the Person believe that you can’t create great services without coproduction. Coproduction means listening to those who will deliver and receive the service about what they think is important. That’s why we’ve done a number of events in Sheffield to find out what people think needs to be done differently in homecare. 

We asked what our community how home care could be kinder and this is what they said: 

“I think the most important thing is to tackle isolation.” 
“I want my Mum to have contact with the outside world.” 
“More flexibility from carers to get calls and come out when needed.” 
“More time!” 
“For my loved one to be looked after and respected as well as someone would look after their own family member.” 

We asked where older people feel that we should invest in care and the top three things they said were: 

  1. More support for their family 

  2. More investment in the staff 

  3. Longer appointments 

We have also spoken to people who have received and delivered care about their experiences: 

“I was sent some carers after a stay in hospital but they talked to me like I was a child so I sent them home. A service like this one which sees you as a person, not simply as an old person who can’t do certain things, is desperately needed.”
Ann, 76. Sheffield. 

“Home care is the service that most people receive and yet everyone involved in delivering that service knows it could be better.  We want to try a new way of working that makes homecare better for everyone – for the people who receive care, for the people who deliver care and for those who commission care.  We think that by investing in all of those relationships and bringing kindness to the fore we can do something radically different.” Miranda Plowden - Business Development Director

Want to find out more?

Drop Chris a line, or give him a call for an informal chat on 0114 270 2558